Thursday, July 21, 2011

Difference from going from a 955BE to a 2600k

Switching from an AMD Phenom II 955 BE to an Intel Core i7 2600k...

Even though I kept the same hardware (memory, video card, power supply, and hard drives), the system felt much more responsive to be honest.
In several games, I gained an additional 30-40 fps from switching processors.
 - America's Army 3 (settings set to max)
      On the AMD system overclocked, I got a minimum of 39 fps in the map Alley. Same map on the stock Intel system yielded a minimum of only 66.
 - On other games using Unreal Engine 3 such as Borderlands and APB:Reloaded, I gained a couple of fps.
- Starcraft II was much more smoother in larger battles such as those in 4 v 4s.

It looks I'm more GPU bounded then anything else. But IN CPU optimized games and programs, there is a massive performance gain.

The biggest change in performance overall would be when I stream my games on Running the Intel system at stock performed better than the AMD system overclocked. I guess those extra threads help.

 -- There is absolutely no difference on the Intel System between playing while streaming and without streaming.

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