Thursday, May 26, 2011

Overclocking an AMD Phenom II 955 BE

Simple guide to overclock

All overclocks should be based in the BIOS to ensure maximum stability. I take no responsibility to any harm done to your computer.

1. Ensure you meet sufficient hardware requirements.
Power, cooling, and hardware
Power supply must be able to supply the extra power needed by the CPU, and other components
Cooling must be able to cool down the hardware properly. - Aftermarket coolers should be used instead of the original cooler. If you're tight on cash, I recommend you purchase a Coolermaster Hyper 212+, it provides enough cooling for today's modern cpus. (Beware of socket compatibility)
Hardware must be decent and reliable to endure overclocking. This usually means that the memory, and motherboard are able to hold the overclock with 100% stability.
2. Learn the BIOS menu.
Identify the CPU voltage - usually labeled Vcore
            the Integrated Memory Controller - VNNB
3. Identify stock voltages and settings
    In my case, stock AMD Phenom II 955 voltages:
     Vcore: 1.35 v
     VDDA: 2.5 v
     VNNB: 1.1 v
     FSB: 200 mHz
     CPU multiplier: x 16
     HT multiplier: x 10
     NB multiplier: x 10
If I missed any, just leave the setting at auto. The most important settings for a successful overclock are going to be the VCORE, CPU Multiplier, VNNB, and NB multiplier.
4. Since this is a Black Edition processor, overclocking is much simpler.
1) Increase CPU multiplier
2) Check for stablitly while monitoring the temperatures
3) Increase voltages as needed to stabilize

FOR 955's, MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE IS 62 °C. FOR SOME 955's, there is a "heat wall" around 55 °C to 57 °C. This heat severely limits your ability to overclock any higher, and MAY cause stability problems. This is different than Intel's processors as they are built on entirely different process which allows them to run much hotter.
5. Enjoy your newly overclocked system!

Note: This guide may contain errors and is just the basics for an overclock. For more information concerning overclocks, go visit They will provide you help if you need any.


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